Special Services

Antenatal Clinic

Wednesday 08:30 - 12:00 
This is run by the community midwife, and the doctor is also available for consultation. You may choose your lead professional (midwife, GP or consultant), and discuss all aspects of your maternity care.

Minor Surgery Clinic

A range of minor operations can be performed under local anaesthetic. Please discuss this with the doctor who will arrange an appointment. Due to the demand on our morning clinics minor surgery appointments are normally held in the afternoon.

Cervical Smears

Women between the ages of 25 and 65 will receive notification when they are due for cervical screening. Cervical smears can be carried out by the doctors or the practice nurse. They should ideally be taken in the middle of the menstrual cycle.

Diabetic Clinic

We aim to achieve good control of diabetes and prevent complications, by providing regular check ups and education. Appointments will be offered to all patients with diabetes. The clinic is run by Susan Lewis who has special training in diabetes.

Asthma Clinic

We aim to improve control of asthma by providing education to allow patients to manage their own symptoms. Appointments are offered to all patients who need regular treatment for asthma. The clinic is run by Eva Corlett who has special training in asthma.

Heart Disease Clinic

Appointments will be offered to all patients who have angina or who have had a heart attack or stroke, who have heart failure, or who are at high risk of developing heart disease. The aim is to review the condition and treatment, and lower risk factors in order to prevent further illness.

Anticoagulant Monitoring and Near-Patient Testing

Patients taking Warfarin, or other drugs which need regular blood monitoring can attend the surgery for blood tests. You will be notified if this applies to you.

Influenza Vaccinations

Flu vaccinations are available annually from late September onwards. If you are aged 65 or over or have a condition that places you 'at risk' please telephone the surgery to make an appointment for vaccination.